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Set and Achieving Goals

Good project managers are extremely good at setting goals and achieving them.

Every project has a defined objective or objectives and a set deadline. Therefore, a project manager needs to be goal and result orientated if you want to implement and complete your project on time.

When you are setting goals, there are 5 things to consider;

1. Identify what’s important

  • Focus.

  • Not everything is a priority.

  • Take time to sit down with your project beneficiary and sponsor and identify what is really important to achieve.

  • Then list them and start working on them.

2. Define your goals clearly

  • The items on your list are your project actions.

  • Make your goals SMART— Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

  • Using the SMART approach is a good way of making things work.

3. Communicate your goals

  • Write down your goals in your project documentation or your project management software and make sure everyone on the team has access to them.

  • Share your goals with your other stakeholders, partners and whoever is necessary.

  • Make sure everyone working on the project knows what needs to done.

4. Create an action plan

  • You have your goals, now it is time to make an action plan to start achieving them.

  • Identify all of the tasks that will specifically help you achieve your goals.These tasks are now the “high priority” tasks for the project and together they form your action plan.

  • Now delegate your project team members to these high priority tasks and make sure they have everything to achieve them.

5. Monitor progress

  • Learn how to create project dashboards to focus on the high priority tasks in your plan. Dashboard or even tables arw effective tools to show you the progress of your tasks and your project.

  • A project manager needs to track the project status on a daily basis and resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

  • Do everything in your power to make sure that everything is in harmony.

Then sit back and enjoy! 😊😊

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