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What is a PMO?

A project management office (PMO) is a group or department that defines, maintains and ensures project management standards across an organization.

In principal, a PMO keeps documentation on projects and offers direction and key metrics in the execution of the projects under its governance. This PMO approach is generally what is experienced and implemented in major projects.

In line with the PMI principles, A PMO offers guidance to project managers and develops metrics on the practice of project management.

There are 3 types of PMOs:

  1. Supportive: A supportive PMO collects all projects in an organization, supplies best practices, templates, training, but with a low degree of control.

  2. Controlling: A controlling PMO checks if the project management tools, processes and standards are being applied in the projects, with some degree of control.

  3. Directive: A directive PMO maintains a high degree of control in management of projects within the organization.

The PM Solutions and Gantthead Research Report identify the top PMO functions that are required by organizations include:

  1. PMO methodology, standards, implementation and management

  2. Project policies, procedures, templates, implementation and management

  3. Project / program monitoring and controlling

  4. PM coaching and mentoring

  5. Project / program initiation

  6. Governance process implementation and management

  7. Multi-project coordination

  8. Project / program closing

  9. Project performance monitoring and controlling

  10. Dashboard / scorecard implementation and management

You see, we have a long road in front of us to achieve that mindset and management principle in project management 🎇🎇

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