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Stakeholder Performance Domain

The Stakeholder Performance Domain addresses activities and functions associated with stakeholders.

When this domain is effectively managed;

  • a productive working relationship with stakeholders is achieved throughout the project,

  • stakeholder agreement with project objectives is ensured,

  • Stakeholders who are satisfied with the project management do not negatively impact project outcomes.

In different phases of the project the stakeholders might differ and their influence, power, or interests may change as the project unfolds.

👉What is Stakeholder Engagement?

Stakeholder engagement means implementing strategies and actions to promote productive involvement of stakeholders.

👉How do we engage stakeholders effectively?

  1. Identify ➡️ identification may be carried out prior to forming the project team. detailed stakeholder identification progressively elaborates the initial work and is a continuous activity throughout the project.

  2. Understand and Analyze ➡️ the project manager and the project team seek to understand stakeholders’ feelings, emotions, beliefs, and values. These factors mean their Power, Impact, Attitude, Beliefs, Expectations, Degree of influence, Proximity to the project, Interest in the project, and other aspects surrounding stakeholder interaction with the project.

  3. Prioritize ➡️it is common to focus on stakeholders with the most power and interest as one way to prioritize engagement

  4. Engage ➡️engaging means working collaboratively with stakeholders to introduce the project, elicit their requirements, manage expectations, resolve issues, negotiate, prioritize, problem solve, and make decisions. Engaging stakeholders requires the application of soft skills, such as active listening, interpersonal skills, and conflict management, as well as leadership skills such as establishing the vision and critical thinking.

  5. Monitor ➡️Throughout the project, stakeholders might change as new stakeholders are identified and others can leave the project additionally their attitude or power might change as well. Therefore, the amount and effectiveness of stakeholder engagement is monitored throughout the project by having a conversation with stakeholders to gauge their satisfaction with the project deliverables, overall management of the project. Project and iteration reviews, product reviews, stage gates, and other methods are ways to obtain periodic feedback. For large groups of stakeholders, a survey can be used to assess the degree of satisfaction.

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