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What are the Project Performance Domains?

Project performance domain is a group of related activities. These activites are critical for the effective delivery of project outcomes.

Project performance domains are i

nteractive, interrelated, and interdependent areas of focus that work in unison to achieve desired project outcomes.

There are currently eight project performance domains:

  1. Stakeholders,

  2. Team,

  3. Development Approach and Life Cycle,

  4. Planning,

  5. Project Work,

  6. Delivery,

  7. Measurement,

  8. Uncertainty.

­čĹëThese performance domains form a unified whole. In this way, the performance domains

operate as an integrated system. Each performance domain is interdependent of the other performance domains to enable successful

delivery of the project and its intended outcomes.

­čĹëPerformance domains run concurrently throughout the project. For example, project leads spend time focused on stakeholders, the project team, the project life cycle, the project work, and so forth, from the outset of the project to its closure.

­čĹëThese areas of focus are not addressed as siloed efforts because they overlap and interconnect. The ways in which the performance domains relate are different for each project, but they are present in every project.

The specific activities undertaken within each of the performance domains are determined

by the context of the organization, the project, deliverables, the project team, stakeholders, and other factors.

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